FALCON 6/300 R

The MSE Falcon 6/300R benchtop centrifuge is a powerful induction drive, 3 litre capacity centrifuge, with refrigeration. A range of adapters are available for use with almost any size tube or bottle. The Falcon 6/300R benchtop centrifuges represent excellent value for money in terms of performance, ease of use, safety and reliability.
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Out of balance cut-out, automatic rotor recognition and over-speed protection. Motor and chamber overheat cut out. Case and lid made of high grade steel for increased safety.


Smooth, easy to clean surfaces and stainless steel bowl. Low height for easy loading. All accessories fully autoclavable. Save benchtop space with optional trolley (part number 43223-510).


More than 80 years of experience in the industry. Each centrifuge is extensively tested for reliability. Every centrifuge is covered by our comprehensive warranty.


Fully programmable with up to 10 different acceleration and brake rates. Adaptors available to spin tubes, bottles and other containers. Custom-made adaptors available on request.


Maintenance-free, brushless induction drive. Easy to access and remove key parts of the centrifuge. Built-in diagnostics so the user can resolve faults rapidly and reduce down time